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Love and Nurture

Nitya Seva

Helping Children From The Most Severely Disadvantaged Socioeconomic Groups

Nitya Seva USA was founded in 2010. It is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity under section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code. We partner with Nitya Seva Germany founded 1998 and Nitya Seva Society Bhopal founded 1999, organizations with whom we share our mission to help children from the most impoverished segments of society reach their fullest potential, an opportunity they will not have on their own. 


Nitya Seva Society opened its first children's home in 2000. It currently operates three children's homes in Bhopal India.


The Children's homes house about 200 children giving them physical security, food security, love and care.  Besides these basic needs, Nitya Seva equips them with skills to succeed in life. The greatest emphasis is on educating the children. 


Our commitment to the children is long-term. We have pledged to help them till they are ready to take their place in society as responsible young adults.


Nitya Seva also helps the children transition to life as productive members of society upon graduation from our program. This may be at the end of High School and vocational training or longer in case of college going children. Indeed a few of the children have already graduated out of the system. They are gainfully employed and living independently. 


The cost of this endeavor was $3.08 per child per day in the year 2019.  

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