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Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide children living in abject poverty an opportunity to develop  to their fullest potential”

A significant number of children in the world today are living in extreme poverty, in circumstances hard to imagine, in slums and streets and railway platforms. They eke out a living by hawking, scavenging, begging or stealing. They often go hungry. They face violence and are preyed on by gangs. Education is not an option in their daily struggle.  They are the most vulnerable of any population group! With hardly a chance to escape the poverty, their potential will largely stay untapped.

It is these children that Nitya Seva has set out to help by giving them the opportunity they deserve. Every child pulled out of poverty matters!  Your help would allow us to reach many more children.


"The commitment we have made to children in our care is long-term, we have pledged to help them till they take their place in society as responsible young adults."

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