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Some stories of Children who have graduated out of Nitya Seva:
(For the sake of the children's privacy, their names have been changed.)

Stories of Change


24 years

I want to get my father back on his feet’

Abhay was just 12 when his father was arrested in a murder case. Found roaming the streets of Bhopal, picking up odd jobs, Abhay was brought to Nitya Seva in 2000 by well-meaning citizens. At Nitya Seva, Abhay found a new home, new friends, and a loving family, people who cared for him. Abhay enrolled in a public school, worked hard and scored well in his subjects. He graduated in 2011. Today, Abhay works as an accountant in a private firm. He makes a good living and is trying to resettle his father, whom he bailed out in 2013.


28 years.

I want to own and manage my own beauty salon’

Bela was left in the care of her uncle after the death of her parents. On the pretext of taking her to another town, the uncle abandoned her in a railway compartment. The team at Nitya Seva found her at the Bhopal railway station and brought her to our Children's home. After her basic education, Bela did a course in beauty care, which was followed by hands-on training in a salon. The salon owner, who was very impressed with Bela, later employed her. Bela is now married and lives with her husband and their seven year old child. She wants to one day open a salon of her own.


24 years

"I love nursing"

Amita came to Nitya Seva at age 12.  A runaway from home to escape an abusive father and an imminent forced marriage, she thrived at Nitya Seva.  After graduating from High School, she entered Nursing School graduating in 2015.  She started working and living independently the same year.  She is doing well.  As she says"I love nursing."

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