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Stories of Change

Here are the stories of some of our children:

(For the sake of the children's privacy, their names have been changed.)

Subhash, Sushant and Rajat

Ages: 14, 12 & 10 years

This (Nitya Seva) is our family’

The case of  Subhash, Sushant and Rajat is a horror story. The three brothers grew up watching their parents constantly fight. The father was an alcoholic and would beat his wife every night, when she complained about his drinking. One night, during one of their fights, the father who was drunk, poured kerosene over his wife and set her on fire. He then stood blocking the door to prevent his wife from running away. In the process, they both got burnt and died on their way to the hospital. The Nitya Seva team found the three brothers abandoned on the road, begging for food. The boys have been with Nitya Seva for past eight years.  They have recovered from their traumatic past and do well in school. They are in classes 6, 5, and 4. 


Age: 16 years

I hate homework but I love dancing’

Roshni was just one-year-old when she was abused by her father and was left bleeding in a movie hall. The police brought Roshni to Nitya Seva, as Roshni’s mother, a beggar, was incapable of looking after her. Roshni had to undergo three reconstructive surgeries of her internal organs. Unaware of the traumatic time she went through as a one-year old, Roshni, like any other growing kid, goes to school, hates homework and loves to dance. Roshni is in class 9.

Bhushan and Kishor

Ages: 6 & 5 years

Bhushan and Kishor  are two extremely smart, playful and confident boys. They have joined the Nitya Seva recently. Their parents are disabled, live on the street and support themselves by begging. They were finding it difficult to support themselves let alone the kids.  They turned to Nitya Seva out of despair!  The parents remain in touch with the boys, visiting them every Sunday.  It is a sight to behold when all four of them sit under a tree in our children´s home and have a picnic of sorts, sharing the food, chatting and exchanging notes. Both boys have been admitted to school and are raring to go.


Age: 16 years

“I want to become a Doctor”

Durga and her brother used to collect plastic from garbage dumps. Every day they would wade through rubbish, broken glass and toxic waste, collecting scrap metal and plastic to sell to earn a living. Their father, an alcoholic, survived on the money the kids earned. When the kids lost their father, they were brought to Nitya Seva by a distant relative. Durga to everyone’s amazement showed excellent academic ability and eagerness to acquire knowledge. She scored 100% marks and was elevated from class 1 to 4. Durga is a very mature and independent kid for her age. She is now in class 11 and preparing to take the National Entrance Exam for studying Medicine next year after finishing class 12. Her brother is also with us and is currently in college. They have been with Nitya Seva for a little over 10 years.

Shalini, Nivedita, Ramsingh and Badalsingh

Ages: 10, 9, 7 & 5 years

Shalini, Amrita, Ramsingh and Badalsingh joined the Nitya Seva family recently. They were discovered by the District Magistrate of  Sehore district in a remote village under very unusual circumstances. With the father dead and the mother having abandoned the family years back, the oldest sister Shalini managed to put up an enactment where a devi or a goddess came into her body and made predictions. The younger sister and brothers helped her in the act and the children survived from the meager collections of this drama. Taken aback by the situation, the District Magistrate wanted that the children should be put in the best institution and they were sent to Nitya Seva Bhopal. All four are now going to school for the first time in their lives!

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